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Well I’m afraid, I’ve hardly posted anything on this blog recently. Must Try Harder! Social media seems to be continuing its rise and change, and it’s enough just to keep up sometimes. You can find me on instagram here: I am foxysnap I also … Continue reading

Lose the swimsuit

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Naked Yoga (No not really) Interesting retouching request came along recently and I wondered whether they should have asked the model nicely at the time of the shoot. I say this slightly tongue in cheek, but there is a point … Continue reading

The Good Life in Surbiton

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Retouching for Adam Gault Art deco station and good lunches. Recently been doing some work for Adam at his studio. Being a sucker for art deco, it’s always nice to see Surbiton station and another bonus is the lovely food … Continue reading

Zipper-necking for Beginners

Head through the hole photo © 2012 Neil Fox. All rights reserved.

Zipper-necking for Beginners: Simply use a head through the hole photo booth. I’ve just started reading Katrin Eismann et al.’s Second Edition of Photoshop Masking & Compositing. I’m not sure this is what they have in mind in Chapter 2 … Continue reading

Sunset in Skala Eressos

Sunset on the holiday in Lesvos © 2012 Neil Fox. All rights reserved.

Photography and Cliché: Discuss… Another sunset shot to add to the world wide album- I’m not sure we really need it. The sun goes down everyday or all the time depending on how you look at it and yet we … Continue reading

Helter Skelter

Shot of helter skelter at Brighton © 2012 Neil Fox. All rights reserved.

Check out the real lens flare and authentic vignetting on this shot taken on film dude! Calling Hipster Photographer Rescue. Take a look at this article on Hayibo – tee hee!


iPhone shot of Stonehenge using Red Giant Software app © 2012 Neil Fox. All rights reserved.

iPhone photography with Plastic Bullet from Red Giant Software