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Lose the swimsuit

Naked Yoga

(No not really)

Inter­est­ing retouch­ing request came along recently and I won­dered whether they should have asked the model nicely at the time of the shoot. I say this slightly tongue in cheek, but there is a point about think­ing ahead to enable post pro­duc­tion (per­haps a dif­fer­ent swim­suit would have been bet­ter). Some­times you can won­der if things are done just because they can be. The pic­ture does look very clean and sim­ple as a result and even more strik­ing in my hum­ble opinion.

I recently retouched a pho­tographed prod­uct which was only dis­cov­ered to be at the wrong angle at the final stages. Mis­takes obvi­ously hap­pen and luck­ily I was able to change the angle with­out the need to reshoot. How­ever I now won­der if a prece­dent has been set for more post-post requests.

Pho­to­graph cour­tesy and copy­right of Andreas von Einsiedel