Sunset on the holiday in Lesvos © 2012 Neil Fox. All rights reserved.

Sunset in Skala Eressos

Photography and Cliché: Discuss…

Another sunset shot to add to the world wide album- I’m not sure we really need it. The sun goes down everyday or all the time depending on how you look at it and yet we still keep photographing sunsets. Is this one particularly interesting or beautiful and somehow “worth photographing”? This shot has the added distinction of being an idealised holiday sunset shot in Greece (no political graffiti in sight). All I can say is that it’s just a reflection of mood at the end of a wonderful holiday in Skala Eressos.

On a personal note….

It was wonderful to see old friends and make new ones. I would also like to wish Gabi and Yannis all the best for their new life in Vienna. Yassou Eressou!

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I particularly like number 10: “I’m lookin’ hawt today”. It might be a while before I post one of those.