Head through the hole photo © 2012 Neil Fox. All rights reserved.

Zipper-necking for Beginners

Zipper-necking for Beginners:

Simply use a head through the hole photo booth.

I’ve just started reading Katrin Eismann et al.’s Second Edition of Photoshop Masking & Compositing. I’m not sure this is what they have in mind in Chapter 2 “The Creative Process”. but it’s a very interesting read so far. Chapter 1 on the history of compositing was great.

Apart from the beginner’s “zipper-necking” in this shot, the rest of this image is one exposure processed just once through the new Adobe Camera Raw engine in Photoshop CS6. It is much easier to get more details out of the shadows and highlights now. The clarity adjustment is also much improved: a lot can be added without creating halos.

Well, now Halloween’s over, the dressing up opportunities are going to be a bit thin on the ground for a while, so they might have to be virtual. Maybe I could morph myself into a cockroach. Wow where do these ideas keep coming from…